Internationaler Training und Experten Verband e.V.

(International Training and Experts Association)                                                                                Worldwide


About us


1. Development and certification of international standards in the training fields and training concepts.

2. Establish international standards for the certification of experts, specialists and qualified persons from the various fields of activity, such as technology, administration, social and medicine.

The Association

The association was founded in 2016, while constant customer questions such as:

  •     What differentiates your training / training center from other companies?

  •    Is there an approved and certified training / training center for drone operators?

  •    Is your crane or areal work platform training also internationally   recognized?

  •    Do you have the right qualifications as a trainer, instructor, expert or qualified person to carry out the work internationally?

have always been in foreground.

This showed that there is a need for action in the future. Even a QM – ISO 9001 certification was not internationally accepted by the customers. At the ISO 9001, nothing is mentioned about the direct qualification of the training center or the trainer, but only on the process sequences in the training centers. So something new and international had to come up. There was, however, nothing in which trainer centers, trainers and qualified persons as well as experts could distinguish themselves.

This is why the Association ITExA Internationaler Training und Experten Verband e.V. (International Training and Experts Association) was founded. Our objective is to become the leading as European supervisory and certification authority for training centers, trainers, qualified persons and experts from different fields within the next few years.