Internationaler Training und Experten Verband e.V.

(International Training and Experts Association)                                                                                Worldwide


Are you looking for support in internationalization?

The creation of a future-oriented framework has the highest priority for ITExA. Our first goal is to further develop the harmonization of trainings (training courses) to an international standard and ultimately to realize worldwide applicability and acceptance.

We support the training / training centers and trainers in the global harmonization of basic knowledge in their training fields of technology, social, health care and administration. This will be done by the international certification of the training centers and trainers by ITExA.


Another one goal of the association is to support and certify persons with outstanding expertise in their fields of activity as experts, specialists, qualified persons and trainers in the fields of technology, social, health and administration, worldwide through uniform high international standards in their fields of activity.


Whoever is certified by ITExA, has a certification
Worldwide recognition!