Internationaler Training und Experten Verband e.V.

(International Training and Experts Association)                                                                                Worldwide



The creation of future-oriented framework conditions is a top priority for ITExA e.V.

We can support you in the following fields and internationally certify your training center or your trainer:


Training Centers (general)


  • Dronen/Multicopter/Quadrocopter
  • Aerial work platforms
  • Ground conveyers, container stackers
  • cranes, mobile cranes, loading cranes, mini cranes, tower cranes
  • Earthwork and road construction machinery
  • Agricultury engineering, forstery
  • Energy engineering, wind power, solar, hydroelectric power
  • Driving schools, driving instructors, professional drivers
  • See-Container, OffShore-Container
  • EMC Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Commercial vehicles, passenger cars, trucks, special vehicles
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric


 Training Centers (special)


  • Pedagogical field
  • Social field
  • Medical field
  • and other fields

You can be certified as international expert in the following fields:


 Experts in different activity fields


  • Construction machinery

  • Crane technology, crane services

  • Aerial work platforms technology

  • Ground conveyor technology

  • Agricultury engineering and forstery technology

  • EMC Electroagnetic compatibility

  • Wind power and solar technology

  • Pedagogical field

  • Social field

  • Medical field
  • Hazardous substances, dangerous goods

  • and others