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Come and visit us at the A + A 2017 trade fair from 17th - 20th October 2017 in Dusseldorf.

The trade fair for everything related to work safety. At our booth Hall 10 J 48, you will receive information about the association and this time with the focus "International certification of training centers and trainers.

At the same time, you can get information on the subject of online eLearning for operators of hoisting platforms, floor conveyors, telescopic forklifts and work safety tree 2.


Further international certifications successfully passed.

The following companies were certified in their fields of activity:

BIK Simulation (product certification)
Here simulators were certified in Püttlingen for the training of operators in the fields of mobile excavators, wheel loaders, floor conveyors, tower cranes. This makes it possible to keep the costs as low as possible, especially during the initial period of training. It is only when the practical skills at the simulator have been fulfilled that the operator can get to the practice device.

Jäckering industrial model building
Jäckering received an international product certificate for the production of a training model set. This allows operators for aerial work platforms to be able to better demonstrate practical knowledge in theory.
In this case, didactic requirements concerning the training were particularly emphasized.
Companies that already train with this model series are, for example, e.g. Maltech Switzerland, Liftmanager Germany, Schipper Akademie Germany and other trainings.

Next Industrial Training and Consulting
Here the international development of training courses in product management was certified. Next Industrial offers specially tailored product seminars for trainings.

Schipper Academy
The Schipper Academy in Erkrath near Duesseldorf was certified as an "International" training center in the training areas of operator training, training courses and test training.

The topics are: hoisting platforms, truck conveyors and cranes.

meyer lift
Meyerlift Hohenwestedt is the first international provider of on-line annual training to obtain the long-awaited certificates.

The scope of application is as follows: hoisting platforms, hoisting conveyors, telescopic forklifts and Work Safety Tree 2. Now the company meyerlift can also offer their customers, in addition to the training courses, an annual course with international validity.

International certification of the training center existed.

Holger Kell Managing Director ITExA + Ralf Pütjer meyerlift

The company meyerlift in Hohenwestedt has had its training center certified according to the international ITExA standard. The training facility and the trainer were audited. The reason for the certification was international customer input and the lack of acceptance of German training certificates in the European Economic Area so far. Here, ITExA from meyerlift in Hohenwestedt was able to open the door to the European training market.

The next step will be the certification of online annual training.